The History of How the DOM Dugout Manager was Designed


Like all coaches, managers and parents before him, John Doran wanted to provide a safe, organized dugout that would help protect the players and their equipment.

John had experimented with many materials and designs, each time striving for a simple one piece solution that organized and protected the important tools of all Softball Baseball players; bat, glove, helmet, batting gloves, face protector and all important hydration fluids. Friends and family pushed him to move forward with an earlier design that appeared to be perfect. However, John refused to do so until he included a very important feature before finalizing his design. John wanted to ensure the design could also keep the hydration fluids or drinks from being wasted after each and every game

After much experimentation and many engineering revisions, John finally had created the first of its kind. The Dugout Manager, also referred to as the DOM, was born.

Game On with DOM Dugout Manager

The point of any game is to have fun, so John took steps to make sure the kids would have their own equipment organizational tool that would be fun to own and use. John decided on a modern, baseball diamond layout and finished his design with embossed lettering and unique baseball details. The DOM is available at this moment in 6 exciting colors. The kids will have fun while learning to take responsibility for their own equipment. John knew the younger kids would have fun with the DOM, but to his delight the teens embraced it as well .

John is excited about the positive responses he has received from the softball/baseball community. John is already in the process of creating a fun new product to be introduced in the near future.

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