How to Manage your Gear in the Dugout & Improve game day Focus

How to manage your gear in the dugout and improve game day focus

ORGANIZE YOUR GEAR SO YOU CAN FOCUS ON BASEBALL It’s hard to play ball if you can’t find your bat or your helmet! You have to take care of your equipment so you can keep doing what you love!  The chaos in the dugout can make it difficult to keep track of your stuff and […]

The DOM Transformer: A Serious Tool for Serious Softball & Baseball Teams

The DOM Transformer: A serious tool for serious softball and baseball teams

If you take your softball or baseball seriously, you need to protect your equipment. One of the quickest ways to wear out softball and baseball bats, gloves and other items is to take poor care of them. The dugout is often the place where equipment is neglected. By leaving gloves or bats lying around, you […]

How to Enjoy Watching the Game and Stop Watching Equipment

How to Enjoy Watching the Game and Stop Watching Equipment

ARE YOU SICK OF BEING THE EQUIPMENT ORGANIZER? Moms, you know you’ve been there: “Can you hold my drink?”  “Will you watch my stuff?” “Where’s my glove?” “I can’t find my bat!” You want to enjoy watching the game, but somehow, it seems to fall to you to keep track of the equipment instead. The […]

Let the Dugout Manager Organize Your Equipment

Let the Dugout manager manage your equipment

SAVE VALUABLE TIME WITH AN ORGANIZED DUGOUT Every coach has been there. It’s time to take the field and players are yelling, “Where’s my glove?” Good coaches know that if you organize the dugout- game days just go smoother. The Dugout Manager makes it simple to organize the dugout. MANAGE YOUR TEAM, NOT THE DUGOUT […]